Reacties Republikeinse kandidaten op terugtrekken troepen uit Irak

Verschillende Republikeinse presidentiële kandidaten uitte scherpe kritiek op het besluit van president Obama om alle Amerikaanse troepen aan het eind van het jaar uit Irak terugtrekken, zoals Obama als presidentskandidaat in 2008 beloofde.

De voormalige gouverneur van Massachusetts, Mitt Romney zei: “President Obama’s astonishing failure to secure an orderly transition in Iraq has unnecessarily put at risk the victories that were won through the blood and sacrifice of thousands of American men and women. The unavoidable question is whether this decision is the result of a naked political calculation or simply sheer ineptitude in negotiations with the Iraqi government. The American people deserve to hear the recommendations that were made by our military commanders in Iraq.”

De afgevaardigde van Minnesota, Michele Bachmann zei: “Today’s announcement that we will remove all of our forces from Iraq is a political decision and not a military one; it represents the complete failure of President Obama to secure an agreement with Iraq for our troops to remain there to preserve the peace and demonstrates how far our foreign policy leadership has fallen. In every case where the United States has liberated a people from dictatorial rule, we have kept troops in that country to ensure a peaceful transition and to protect fragile growing democracies. We will now have fewer troops in Iraq than we have in Honduras – despite a costly and protracted war.”

“Whether or not it’s the right thing to do, I would consult with the commanders. The thing I wouldn’t do that the president is doing is telling the enemy how many troops you’re going to bring out and when you are going to bring them out. I don’t think that’s a good strategy”, aldus de voormalige CEO van Godfather’s Pizza, Herman Cain.

De voormalige gouverneur van Utah en ambassadeur in China, Jon Huntsman zei: “On the occasion of the announcement that U.S. forces will withdraw completely from Iraq by the end of the year, we should take a moment to reflect on the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform. We are forever grateful for their service to America, and are eager to welcome our troops home. President Obama’s decision, however, to not leave a small, focused presence in Iraq is a mistake and the product of his administration’s failures. The president’s inability to reach a security agreement leaves Iraq vulnerable to backsliding, thus putting our interests in the region at risk. An ideal arrangement would have left a small troop presence that could have assisted with the training of Iraqi security forces and vital counter-terror efforts.”

“I’m deeply concerned that President Obama is putting political expediency ahead of sound military and security judgment by announcing an end to troop level negotiations and a withdrawal from Iraq by year’s end. The President was slow to engage the Iraqis and there’s little evidence today’s decision is based on advice from military commanders. America’s commitment to the future of Iraq is important to U.S. national security interests and should not be influenced by politics. Despite the great achievements of the U.S. military and the Iraqi people, there remain real threats to our shared interests, especially from Iran”, aldus de gouverneur van Texas, Rick Perry.

De reacties zijn niet verrassend. De Republikeinen willen de troepen in Irak houden, omdat ze denken dat Irak nog steeds een instabiel land is en er veel Al Qaeda strijders zitten, die een bedreiging vormen voor de VS.


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